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Pamela Wise

Manager / Senior Agent


Pamela is truly a cornerstone influence to the Vancouver film/tv community for close to 35 years. Her dedication to artist protection puts her at the forefront of advocacy liasoning with productions houses and casting.


Pamela has specialized in the TV commercial & lifestyle print markets in Vancouver, BC. Combining her true love of marketing & visual branding, she has established a robust roster of working actors and committed dreamers who love auditioning and bringing campaigns to life!


Pamela believes that advertising is the ‘canary in the coal mine’ of social thought and trends. She values connecting the dots of emotion & spark to story-telling in large scale ad campaigns that have real impact and move trends. Her talent have appeared in viral campaigns and Super Bowl Campaigns that are considered the best of the year. She has scouted talent who gained considerable fame in advertising history, including two of the Franks Red Hot Sauce Campaign grannies (I put that sh*t on everything!!) and the original Viagra ‘Good Morning’ campaign dancing man.


Pamela is also a sought after guest speaker and mentor to thousands over the last 25 years in the classroom and larger convention formats. Pulling from the Jungian model of archetypes to align with one’s unique Actors Brand & natural emotional range, she has a passion for aligning unique signature of self. She approaches representation with an eye on actors branding and marketing to fortify success and make immediate impact.



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