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A selection of some of the productions our performers have worked on.



Nintendo,  Fosters Beer Ready Jet Go, Barbie; Mighty Mighty Monsters, Plum Landing, Dinosaur Train, American Girl, Milton’s Secret, Star Wars, Lego, Ubisoft, Monster Beach, Positively Ozitively, Coca Cola, Apple, Bud Light, Mountain Dew, Calvin Klein, Old Spice, Scrubbing Bubbles, Xfinity,

PODS Moving and Storage, Sinclair, Merrell Footwear,

Wyoming Department of Health, Subway

Cedar Cove, Shutterfly, Telus, BCTF,

Paragon Testing, West Vancouver Public Library, Window Horses,

VO BUZZ Weekly, 

Firefox, Nike, RavensTale, Barbie,  

 Old Spice, Miralax, Subway, ReddiWip, FitBit, Audi, Macys, Ocean Spray






Google, Betty Crocker, Aleve, Amazon

Blue DiamondCrayola, Mattel, CVS, Dell

Excedrin, Sony, Huggies, Jeep,

Johnson and Johnson, Kraft, Nascar, 

Nestle Tollhouse, Old Spice, 

Planters Peanuts, Scrubbing

BubblesSuddenlink DisneyFrito Lays, Gerber, Oral lB, 

BudweiserCheetos, Fisher Price

Hershey's,Labatt, Pillsbury, Ameritrade, Tylenol, Bounty, Betty Crocker,  Benjamin Moore, Applebees,  Advil, Weght Watchers, BCAA, BMW,  Breathright, Campbells, Coast Capital. Coldwell Banker,, Gerber, Dove, Johnson and Johnson, Glade, Hewlett Packard, Infinity, Kohler, Lenscrafters, McDonalds, Mini Cooper, New Balance, Nissan, Staples, Taco Bell, Verizon, Time Warner, Volvo.


The Magicians, Skyscraper , Deadpool 2, Wonder, A Series of Unfortunate Events, Gravity, Deadly Class, Take Two, Arrow,Supergirl, The Flash

Party of five, See, DC Legends of Tomorrow, The Good Doctor, The Hunt, Riverdale, Unreal, Nicole, X-Files, Exorcist, Gears of War, Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, Ice, A Million Little Things, Bletchley Circle, Summer of 84, Odd Sqaud, The 100, Supernatural, Once Upon a Time, The Man In the High Castle, Detour,Good Boys, Chesapeake Shores, Anne, Travelers, You Me Her, Designated Survivor, Dark Matter, Rememory, Predator, Haters Back Off, The Chronicle Mysteries, Mulan, Who Killed Jon Benet, Loudermilk, Unspeakable, Critters, When Calls the heart, Cocaine Godmother, The Crossing,Cocaine Godmother, , Breakthrough,

A Series of Unfortunate Events 






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