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Ally Copeland

Manager / Senior Agent


Ally enjoys the fulfillment of working with talent to achieve their professional ambitions. She has been an active member and advocate of the film industry for over 10 years and is known for her strong relationships with talent, coaches and casting. 


She works in all mediums including film, television and commercials to enhance her team’s reach, Ally maintains strong working arrangements with counterparts in the US and across Canada.

The success of her talent is enabled by Ally’s dedication to their personal and career growth with a focus on ensuring long term success.


As testament of her abilities, talent have recently served as feature film leads, series regulars and recurring roles on productions such as Poltergeist, The Confirmation, FARGO, Big Eyes, The Whispers, Blood & Water, Jingle All The Way 2, as well as guest star roles on Flash, Arrow, Once Upon A Time, Supernatural, The 100 and The Killing.

Some lead roles include Avatar, The last Airbender, Mahalia, Hallmark, Overboard, and Guest star roles in Batwoman, Motherland, Mighty Ducks, Big Sky, The Stand, Riverdale, and The Babysitters Club





Annika Olson



Annika is a recent graduate of McMaster University with an honours double-major in communications & multimedia. She specializes in social media, guiding businesses and personal profiles to maintain a

successful and impactful online presence.

Through her continuous industry-based social media research, Annika is developing advancement strategies for traditional film, television, and commercial clients who hope to successfully integrate into the online digital market. 

Her passion, ambition and knowledge of the industry continues to expand under the mentorship of senior-level agent Ally Copeland.


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