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Trudy Aronson

Manager/ Senior Agent


With a formal background in Law, Trudy’s entry into the media industry came from her son’s interest in the field which lead her through extensive industry research. Having experienced the business from the audition waiting rooms, to the sets, and seeing first hand what the actors face,

Trudy has a great appreciation for what it takes to be a success in the business. Trudy’s passion lies in providing a complete hands on approach with her clients. It is through specific and individual guidance; being aware that each client brings to the table their own unique set of strengths and working as a team to chart the individual path for her talent to achieve their professional goals. 


A highlight of 2014 for Trudy, was the honour of being asked to be a panel member at “The Actors Symposium Series: Vancouver”, a true testament to her standing in the industry.

Her clients have worked not only across Canada:and the United States but internationally in places such as Spain, Copenhagen and Mexico.

Through strategic alliance with some of the most powerful teams in L.A., many of her clients travel frequently to take advantage of opportunities on both sides of the border.


It is no small feat, that Trudy has clients working on virtually every production being shot in Vancouver.  She has clients who have been with her for over a decade and in that time have seen their career goals being reached with bookings as Series Leads and Lead roles in major film productions.  With the driving force being the happiness brought by seeing her clients develop and achieve success, Trudy will continue to deliver results through her tenacity and solid relationships throughout the industry.




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