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Melanie Hawthorne-Toogood

Manager / Senior Agent


Melanie has over 25 years experience as a senior-level agent developing, managing and accelerating careers of Lead actors (Series Leads, Feature Film Leads, Recurring Guest Stars and more) for bookings in Canada, the U.S. and abroad.  She also represents a select roster of top-booking Commercial and Voice actors.


Lead clients describe Melanie as "Fierce", "Supportive", "Reliable", "Unmatched", "Master Connector",  "Passionate",  "Assertive", "Outstanding Communicator", "A privilege to work with", (and she got a kick out of this one, from multiple clients... "Badass"!).


She is a well-respected agent who leverages worldwide contacts for her exclusive and award winning roster of actors, keeping her roster small to ensure everyone’s potential is maximized and careers are managed carefully and strategically. Melanie is known for her diplomacy and tenacity with negotiating contracts and securing significant offers in the film industry.  


Recent major TV and film bookings include:  Martin Scorceses’ Killers of the Flower Moon (Apple+) - Supporting Lead /    Virgin River (Netflix) - Series Regular  /  Sight Unseen (The Cw) - Series Regular /   Riverdale (The CW) - multi-season Recurring Guest Star / Outer Range (Amazon) - Recurring Guest Star  / The English (Amazon) - Recurring Guest Star /     DC's Legends of Tomorrow (The CW) - Recurring Guest Stars /  Motherland (The CW) - Recurring Guest Star / Echo (Marvel) - Recurring Guest Star /  Dead to Me (Netflix) - Series Regular / Are You Afraid of the Dark (Nickelodeon) - Series Regular /  The Flash (The CW) - Recurring Guest Stars /  The Good Doctor (ABC) - Guest Stars /  

Wild Cards (The CW) - Guest Stars /  Peacemaker (HBO) - Recurring Guest Star /  DMZ (HBO) - Recurring Guest Star/   IT: Chapter 2 (Newline Feature) - Supporting / Kids vs. Aliens (Feature) - #1 Lead / Debris (NBC) - Recurring Guest Star / Day of the Dead (Syfy) - Series Regular /   Take Two (ABC) - Series Regular / Married by Mistake (E!) - Lead / Family Law (ABC) - Recurring Guest Star / Monster High 1 & 2 (Nickelodeon) - Supporting Lead / Cocomelon (Youtube) - Lead / Essex County (CBC) - Recurring, 

and hundreds more.


She is continually scouting for incredible new talent with lead potential. Submissions by email are welcome!






Annika Olson



Annika is a recent graduate of McMaster University with an honours double-major in communications & multimedia. She specializes in social media, guiding businesses and personal profiles to maintain a successful and impactful online presence. Through her continuous industry-based social media research, Annika is developing advancement strategies for traditional film, television, and commercial clients who hope to successfully integrate into the online digital market.  

Her passion, ambition and knowledge of the industry continues to expand under the mentorship of senior-level agent Melanie Hawthorne-Toogood, 


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